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Based on the 1993 Vagabond Press edition

Table of Contents

Walter Rodney Introduction

Preface: Old Reality vs. New Reality

I. Realism of Race and Gender

  1. Made in the "u.s.a."
  2. A Prerequisite: Empty the Continent

II. The Making of Nations

III. Imperialism & The Anti-Colonial Revolution

  1. The Anti-Colonial Revolutions Came From New Classes

IV. The Political Economy of Neo-Colonialism

  1. The Key Commodity Is Woman
  2. Globalization: A New Stage In Capital Concentration
  3. Fallout From Globalization
  4. The Future Is Now
  5. An Overview of Class
  6. Primitive Accumulation Marked as "Charity"
  7. The Industrial Proletariat: Gender & Race, Slave & Semi-Slave
  8. Macho Nationalism & Finance Capital

V. The Changer And The Changed

  1. De-settlerizing the u.s.a.: Crises at the Center
  2. Conflicts Don't Need Resolutions
  3. Armies Already In Motion
  4. Multiculturalism Won't Save Your Life
  5. Parasitism Is Neo-Colonialism

VI. Detoxing

End Matters

  1. Selected Bibliography
  2. Sources